Here Comes the Sun…

Hey Gammas, Beauty-ettes, Athletes, brainiac, and LBRs,

Currently, I’m styling my hair straight with light washed short shorts, and a red white and blue peace sign white tank. Stay tuned for Announcements and before that, What’s in my Beach Bag!



June 10, 2013

12:30 pm

OCD Theatre


Dead to you and me. That’s OCD.

The Pretty Committee, Siren WaveRiders Surf Team, and Sirens Women Soccer Team walked down the hall for the last time today. With our heels click clacking against the linoleum floor. It seems like it only happened a day ago, me entering OCD holding onto Ava, Summer, and Sarah-Anne hands prior to seeing Massie and Alicia.

We spent our last day writing semi-sweet and sugar filled messages in girl’s yearbooks. Claire leaving fingerprints of sour gummy sugar stains. I’m going to miss these girls tremendously and won’t ever see them again. Unless they are attending Westchester Prep in the fall.

The PC and I hugged everyone and didn’t be bi-partisan to anyone like a legislature of a bicameral government. I remembered to leave my mark on everything that meant anything to me. We all linked arms saying goodbye to the 8th grade,  OCD, and the past.

While, saying hello to our future.


We celebrated our graduation with some High School Musical 3. I thought I forgot all the words but in actuality I realize Disney never leaves your soul.



June 10, 2013 

Skye Hamiliton’s Home



Skye hosted her Annual pool party blast in celebration of the end of the year. The PC and I attended along with most of OCD and some Briarwood boys. Jayden, Ava, Natalie, Summer, Sarah-Anne, and a few girls from the Soccer and Surf team were in attendance.

The party ended at 11 pm and when darkness encompassed us, it was absoultely stunning. There was bright colored lights that were amazing coming from the porch, punch in hands of everyone, music on the highest volume still not loud enough, and people being pushed into the pool. Dancing was an element not noticed either.

Sparklers were out and were waved around on the grass. I had my own and was holding Jayden’s. I started a playful game of keeping it from him with him chasing me. Eventually, he caught up and I just smiled my contagious smile. He didn’t look mad just happy. He held my hand that had his sparkler and gave it Summer who was nearby. She took it and disappeared. He leaned in. I leaned in. And we kissed. It was and the party was the perfect start to summer.

Remember, Here Comes the Sun…



What’s in my Beach Bag?


My summer shopping this year was quite limited. I borrowed some money from Massie but, I knew I needed this Vera Bradley beach bag once I saw it. My mom allowed one splurge a year so, this year, this was it.

-Banana Boat Broadband Spectrum SPF 25 Sunscreen

-Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Lotion in Goldy Golden

-Pastel Blue Juicy Couture towel

-Last season’s Guess bikini in royal blue, in case of a spill or someone forgets theirs!

-Sun Izu’s Art of War and Sarah Dessen’s The Moon & More novels

-iPod touch and my Samsung Galaxy S3

-Victoria Secret pastel blue water bottle

-Last season’s Billabong flip-flops & Black Poppy sandals

-Ralph Lauren floppy hat

-Billabong Dark lens sunglasses

-Billabong hot pink cover-up

-EOS summer fruit lip balm

-Makeup; Maybelline BB Cream, Benfit’s Benetint, Benefit’s Laguna Bronzer, Mac All That Glitter’s eyeshadow, Mac Lipglasses, Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara, and Mac Black Creme eyeliner.

-Extra clothes ; primarily shorts and sheer shirts for late night parties!

Goals & Waves~

~Enter my contest please on my Massie blog!


Beauty, Brains, Kicks, and Waves,

Kristen Lydia Gregory.


Time to Claim!

Hey all Gammas, Beauty-ettes, Athletes, LBR’s, and Brainiacs,

Time for my offical FC choice!

I now offically claim; Quincy Davis and Hayden Panettiere.




Beauty, Brains, Kicks, and Waves,

Kristen Lydia Gregory.



The one thing in life that indulges strengths, weaknesses, sadness, fear, constraints, excitement, inspiration, and lost of everything.

Currently, I, Kristen Lydia Gregory am typing up this post extremely excited for you all to read it. Massie’s painting her nails, Alicia’s dancing, Dylan’s eating a LUNA bar, and Claire is listening to 1D on full blast. Hope you enjoy this post! xxx


May 22, 2013

Siren Playing Fields

“Lyd! Pass it here!” Ava Martinez shouted. I did a Figure 8 like pattern around Summer Davison to confuse her during the scrimmage. I kicked the ball swiftly while it passed Natalie Johnson and Sarah-Anne Davison and straight in-between Ava’s cleats. Ava kicked it up and head butted it straight into the goal with Gabrielle Nicholson trying to block it. “She shoots! She scores! Goal!” Summer yells quoting She’s the Man, our favorite movie.

“Alright everybody! Go get changed out!” Coach Justice yells.


“What are you doing tonight Lyd?” Summer asked coming out of the shower. “Why?” I questioned brushing my long hair. “Oh, because Gabrielle, Sarah-Anne, Ava, and Natalie and I were planning on going to Slice of Heaven and hanging out with my brother, Jayden and his friends.” “Cool.” I said trying to suppress my happiness. “Care to join us?” Natalie asked. “Yes.” I said turning on my heel. You see, no one I mean, no one knows about my huge crush that I have on Jayden. We’ve known each other since the 5th grade and I’ve had a crush on him since the 6th grade.


Slice of Heaven Pizzeria

“Hey Kristen.” I heard Jayden say once we walked in. “Jay.” I said smiling subconsciously checking my outfit. I had on ripped denim jeans, racerback tank in black and hot pink stripes, and combat boots with my hair in a messy fishtail.

“You look great.” Jay said to me making me blush. We hung out and talked with everyone for a while and before I knew it, it was time to go. 

I thought to myself about the night, I noticed that Jayden was a strength of mine and a definite weakness.


May 23, 2013


Literature & Composition

“Emg!” Claire said pointing to the OCD’s Planners’ Date. “We have only few days left until summer!” She said excitedly. “Thank goodness, we’ve found a new school that isn’t awful.” Alicia rebutted. “No kidding!” Dylan said laughing. “So close…” I whispered to Massie. “Are you nervous?” I asked the LPC. “Nope.” Claire said but by her red cheeks, we knew better. “Eh…” Alicia and Dylan responded together. “Apple-C!” They shouted causing laughter. “I know I am.” I sounded. “What about you, Mass?” Dylan asked. “Yes and no…” Our alpha responded with a genuine smile.

I’m going to miss this, I thought to myself. It’s sad to think everything will end here at OCD. The laughter, middle school lingo, and being at the top of the class. Sadness has engulfed me like a wave because of graduation… And, fear has embossed my thoughts of a new school.


May 24, 2013

Siren Playing Fields

“Summer, Sarah-Anne, Natalie, Kristen, Gabrielle, and Ava; Come here!” Coach Justice yelled from across the fields. We jogged over there in our cleats and our bright pink pennies.

“You guys can go ahead and head out to the beach for your Surf Competiton.” Coach Justice told us. “Thank-you.” I said smiling.



Siren WaveRiders Surf  v. Lady Patriots Surf

“Gather up!” Coach Kelly yelled. “Alright, Kristen start it off.” She continued. “Two feet taller, three abs stronger, Sirens what? Sirens…!” I said. “BREAK!” The team shouted. Each girl headed to their corresponding boards. I started to chalk mine up. Afterwards, Summer zipped up my wetsuit. “Leslie, for Lady Patriots and Kristen, for Siren WaveRiders.”

I got the first wave in the heat and got a 8.5 for my carve off the lip with a three twist. “Great job!” Coach Kelly said.

The competition continued and the Sirens beat the Lady Patriots.

“Ava, Summer, Sarah-Anne, Natalie, and Gabrielle.” Coach Kelly said. “Yes.” We responded turning around. “Your our greatest. But, there’s a slight issue in your sports of choices.” She said. “Meaning?” I asked. “The Districts for High School Soccer Girls’ is the same day as the District of Girls’ Surfing.” I looked at her appalled. “You’ve got to pick: Soccer or Surfing.” She said.

I heard the most inevitable thing. Constraints were placed. What am I going to do?


May 25, 2013 


“Jayden!” Summer and Sarah-Anne yelled from the sidelines with me. He scored a perfect goal hitting the net. The girls and I stormed the field searching for Jay. “You did great.” I said smiling giving him a hug. “Thank you.” He said. “Care to celebrate?” He asked me. “When?” I questioned. “Tomorrow. Pinkberry?” “Perfect.” I said smiling. “See you.”

As I spoke those last words, my heart was jumping with excitement with the possibility of new love.


May 26, 2013

Gregory’s Apartments 4R

As I sat at home that night, I thought everything over of what happened the past week. This Bethany Hamilton quote, “We all go through rough times. We have those obstacles that seem too large to overcome or that current that you never seem to swim out of. We have to decide that matters the most to us–our passions.”  got me through the week. I knew what had to be done, what had to be thought of. But afterwards, I watched Chasing Mavericks. That movie made me think. I was inspired to live like Jay. I’m scared of losing everything and everyone.

My life is a Maverick…


Beauty, Brains, Kicks and Waves,

Kristen Lydia Gregory.

Goals and Waves;

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3.) Thank you to my Massie for allowing me in the LPC.

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